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Fabriq is currently developing a Smart Lighting Control Services Platform for commercial buildings in a cloud based, SaaS model. Conceived from the ground up to be the simplest and least expensive solution in the market, Fabriq’s patented commissioning technology drives complexity and labor cost out of projects and enables mass deployment through VAR channels – a first in the industry. Fabriq is offering the capabilities of this Platform to key OEM partners through highly flexible engagement models that includes optional custom integration services:

  • White Label

  • License

  • Co-Market

  • Co-Development

  • Services

  • Strategic Investment

The Fabriq Smart Lighting Control Services Platform enables lighting OEMs to provide their customers with a complete wireless Smart Lighting solution that leverages the OEMs unique offerings and technology – without the associated development costs, staff and ramp-up.

The benefits of the Platform include:

  • Cloud-base Smart Lighting User Interface (GUI / Head End)

  • Energy Monitoring & Reporting (Usage & Savings)

  • Auto Commissioning / Binding Wireless Devices into Groups (Retrofit Installations)

  • Plug & Play Gateway

  • Enterprise Maret Appeal (Increasingly Required Functionality)

  • Market & Margin Expansion (Comprehensive Offering; Patent Protected Cost Reduction Methods)

  • Nationwide Commissioning & Design (No In-House Capability Required)

Cloud-base Smart Lighting GUI

The Fabriq Platform is a true web-scale, cloud-based architecture that leverages benefits of cloud computing such as reliability, scalability & efficiency. The software encompasses setup and admin of the Smart Lighting system, command & control, reporting & visualization, and all integration paths. The Platform is agnostic to the wireless protocol on site.

Energy Monitoring & Reporting

Provides compliance with growing regulatory requirements for energy monitoring & reporting (e.g. CA Title 24) and verification of ROI for customer value propositions.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 3.22.51 PM.png

Auto Commissioning

A unique characteristic of retrofits is that the information for creating lighting groups exists in the electrical wiring. Flipping a switch in a room turns the correct lights on. This information is lost after the installation of a wireless system, but our technology automatically harvests this information during or after the installation process – making commissioning Smart Lighting as simple as flipping a switch, from the cloud. This coordinated harvesting of the existing lighting plan from the electrical infrastructure is accomplished without human intervention or presence.

Auto Commissioning.png

Plug & Play Gateway

The Fabriq Platform includes a wireless protocol agnostic gateway to facilitate communications between the cloud and the on-site wireless network. It is a secure and intelligent building lighting controller configured with operating profiles defined by customers in the cloud. It may be modified to support any wireless protocol required by the OEM via services or investment.

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